Stopping Ocean ‘Slacktivism”, TerraMar has a Plan

Knowledge is power, but it means nothing if you do not USE that power.

It’s a Monday, and like everyone else on their morning commute you dive into your smart phone looking for something to catch your interest.

Scrolling through the sea of tweets, posts, and blogs, you stumble across a shocking statement:

It sinks in, and you realize that in the second it has taken you to read this more plastic has just been added to the ocean. You perhaps feel ashamed of yourself for purchasing a plastic coffee cup earlier that morning.

The question is what can you do, how do you alone save the ocean?

The TerraMar Project has the answers and the solutions.

Stop “Slacktivism”: One Click To Help Save The Ocean

Knowledge is power, but it means nothing if you do not USE that power.

That’s why TerraMar has developed a new Take Action platform, bringing impactful ocean actions to your phone and in one click giving you the tools to make a difference. TerraMar was successful in helping the ocean becoming part of the sustainable development goals at the UN and now we are turning our attention to plastic in the ocean and acts that individuals can take which are simple and move the needle for the ocean and creatures that call it home.

TerraMar connects citizen science projects, volunteer opportunities, and petitions with the news people read everyday. Check out what you can do today in your local community by hitting ACTION. This will inspire you to get out from behind your social networks and make real changes to support a healthy marine environment.

TerraMar is adding tools to their site so you never miss a beat – key dates to follow, the latest ocean activities and campaigns – which are constantly updating to meet the changing needs of the ocean and of TerraMar’s ocean community.

You can’t save the world while hiding behind your phones. So TerraMar is bringing the actions to you.

Start now! Spread the word and share this article.

Sign up for a local action or Send us a local action to share on TMP site.

Original Article via The TerraMar Project