Sea Shepherd anti-poaching vessel docks in Grand Cayman

Sea Shepherd story

Sea Shepherds was previously associated with Animal Planet’s Whale Wars program, which followed the organization’s founder, Paul Watson, on missions against Japanese whalers.

The M/V John Paul DeJoria stayed through the weekend in Grand Cayman, where Ms. O’Brien said the crew had been impressed with local kindness and interactions with like-minded people.

Jolly Roger sales manager Richard Kauffman said the crew were happy to share their story while in Cayman.

“They were extremely polite and courteous. They’re from all over the world so each of them has an interesting story. It was a pleasure to have them on board with all their positive energy,” Mr. Kauffman said.

Ms. O’Brien said the crew participated in several meet-and-greet events in Grand Cayman, including a presentation for students on Friday, and tours of the vessel on Saturday.