Scientists Discover Mysterious Ocean ‘Twilight Zone’ Full Of New Fish

The oceans are without a doubt our Earth's final frontier for exploration.

Exploration of the “twilight zone” found in deeper regions surrounding Caribbean coral reefs has revealed numerous fish species previously unknown to science.

The researchers documenting these new species were so impressed by the unique ecosystem they came across that they proposed a new name for it – the rariphotic zone.

Located between 130 and 309 metres below the surface, the zone contains many fish that are related to species found on coral reefs and were not thought to occur at such depths.

The work was conducted in the deep waters off the coast of Curacao in the southern Caribbean.

“About one in every five fish we’re finding in the rariphotic of the Caribbean is a new species,” said Dr Ross Robertson, a marine biologist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and a co-author of the new study documenting these discoveries.

Photo: Shaun Low/Unsplash

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