Researchers Discover Endangered Sharks Being Sold In The UK

After a survey of seafood sellers in the UK, researchers have discovered endangered sharks are on the menu.

Endangered species of hammerhead and dogfish are among the sharks being sold as food in the UK, researchers have revealed.

University of Exeter scientists sampled shark products from fishmongers and chip shops, as well as shark fins from an Asian food wholesaler in the UK.

The majority of chip shop samples (usually sold under generic names like huss, rock salmon and rock eel) were spiny dogfish—a species “endangered” in Europe and “vulnerable” worldwide.

The fin samples included scalloped hammerheads—endangered” globally and subject to international trade restrictions.

The researchers have called for more accurate food labelling so people know what species they are eating.

“The discovery of endangered hammerhead sharks highlights how widespread the sale of declining species really is—even reaching Europe and the UK,” said Dr. Andrew Griffiths, of the University of Exeter

“Separate investigations focusing on Asia have commonly identified scalloped hammerhead in fin processing.

“Scalloped hammerhead can be imported under strict conditions, but the wholesaler had no idea what species the fin belonged to.”

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Photo: David Clode/Unsplash

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