Picking Apart The Plastic Problem Piece By Piece

The plastic pollution problem may seem overwhelming, but here's how we can break it down.

My son sent me a text this morning from the school bus. “Mum” he said “there’s litter everywhere.” Of course, he knows my interest in such things…

It was windy last night, very windy. I went out to check, and he was right. The wind had coincided with the recycling collection, and people’s recycling – hoarded for the last fortnight – had escaped. Plastic bottles were dancing around with wild abandon, while the recycling boxes were chasing each other down the street.

Of course, I didn’t just look. I herded up that loose plastic. We live near the sea. If that plastic had continued its dance along the street, I know where it would have eventually ended up…

There are many reasons to worry about plastic – whether resource efficiency or the use of fossil fuels contributing to climate change. But, as a biodiversity organisation, our concern is the impact of plastic on the wider environment, and particularly on life in our seas. That’s why we’ve been working on microplastic pollution for the last seven years.

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