Operation Sola Stella: Turtle Rescue

Watch as the crew of the Bob Barker rescues injured sea turtle in Liberian waters

On World Turtle Day, May 23rd, an injured sea turtle rescued by The MV Bob Barker crew remains in the care of a sea turtle rescue center in Monrovia, Liberia.
While investigating the activities of an industrial purse seine fishing vessel, as part of Operation Sola Stella, Sea Shepherd crew sighted a sea turtle struggling on the ocean surface.
When divers entered the water for a closer look they discovered that the turtle's front right flipper was either broken or dislocated; and its shell appeared to have air trapped underneath it. These are common injuries for sea turtles, either sustained by ship-strikes or when roughly discarded from a fishing vessel as by-catch.
The sea turtle was brought aboard The MV Bob Barker, where a transportation crate had been constructed, and then immediately rushed to a rehabilitation center in Monrovia run by a Norwegian veterinarian, specialized in wildlife rescue. The sea turtle is set to make a full recovery and due to be released back into the wild shortly.

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a sad story (of by-catch) - but with a happy ending! THANK YOU Sea Shepherd!