Operation Sola Stella: Second Arrests

Watch the Bob Barker crew assist the Liberian coast guard arrest two illegal fishing vessels

Since February 2nd Sea Shepherd has assisted the Liberian coast guard in the arrest of five vessels involved in illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in Liberian waters. The two trawlers featured in our latest video update from Operation Sola Stella were caught fishing without a license. One of them, a sustainably-certified shrimper was even boarded in an area reserved for artisanal fishermen.

READ the full stories: bit.ly/2lbl9GT (Lu Rong Yuan Yu 988) bit.ly/2mL5Aq6 (Star Shrimper XXV)

The Lu Rong Yuan Yu 988 and the Star Shrimper XXV were arrested by the Liberian coast guard and escorted to Monrovia to face justice for their crimes.

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Great job Sea Shepherd!