Meet the Crew: Bre Evans

Bre Evans, Chief Officer of the Bob Barker during Operation Sola Stella

When I am not with Sea Shepherd I Captain luxury yachts.

I got involved with Sea Shepherd through friends who had been on campaign and volunteered onshore. I saw the great work that they were doing with various campaigns in all corners of the globe and I wanted to be involved. I have a BSc in Marine Biology and have spent the last 15 years on the ocean, however you do not need a degree to see the destruction and devastation that our oceans face and the un-sustainability of many practices both 'legal' and illegal that take place.

I believe that Operation Sola Stella is of importance because illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing is a major problem here in Liberia and worldwide. It is very important to work with local government and various global agencies to make a difference. By assisting with our vessels and training we are able to make arrests and pursue convictions. This campaign is sending a message to the world that IUU fishing will not be tolerated any longer and if you choose to break the law you will be caught and prosecuted.

The oceans are for everyone to enjoy, they need to be protected for future generations.