Meet the Crew: Bart Schulting

Bart Schulting, Captain of the Bob Barker during Operation Sola Stella

When I am not with Sea Shepherd I work as a captain for a ship delivery company, delivering vessels all over the world and I spend as much time possible with my family cruising around in our sailboat.

As a mariner I see on a daily basis how we are destroying the oceans, with more and more plastic and less wildlife. I just did a ten thousand mile long delivery voyage without seeing a single whale or dolphin and that makes me really sad.

Joining Sea Shepherd is for me the best way to do something about this and other issues concerning the oceans and marine wildlife. I got involved with Sea Shepherd when I joined The MV Ocean Warrior on her maiden voyage as an advisor to familiarize the Sea Shepherd crew with their newest vessel.

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Admirable devotion!