March For The Ocean: A Movement Bigger Than Just The United States

Learn why the March For The Ocean is important for the world as a whole.

No matter where you live in the world, you can no longer ignore the fact that Our Ocean is in trouble. I say Our Ocean here because the ocean belongs to each and every one of us. It connects us all, and is constantly in motion.

It’s also become hard to ignore news regarding the United States political environment.

The Trump Administration is setting a poor example at the world stage by attempting to open nearly the entire US coast to oil drilling, and rolling back national monuments that preserve some of the world’s most incredible and at-risk marine life. In short, the administration is favoring short term economic development over the long term health of the oceans and the risk of environmental disaster.

And investing in offshore oil not only poses massive risks to life on these coastlines, but it also threatens countless industries including fisheries and tourism.

Not to mention the impacts that climate change will have on our entire planet if immediate action isn’t taken to mitigate our emissions. The United States remains one of the world’s largest emitters.

The United States should become a global leader and hero when it comes to the conservation of our oceans. Not the villain. Because nobody wins if the United States continues on this blindly destructive path.

That’s why on June 9th this year, thousands will join the March For The Ocean and flood the capital in Washington DC to show their support for the ocean.

We’ll be marching for the ocean because we believe that the oceans belong to everyone. And that the vast majority of people in the United States support the sustainable development of their coastlines, over the reckless abandon that the government administration has shown us.

We also believe that all oceans are connected, and that the actions taken by the United States within their own Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) affect so many other nations.

Join us, together with 60+ other conservation organizations, in showing that the ocean has a loud voice, and that we want to leave future generations with a clean and healthy world, not a barren wasteland.

Sign up today and take the pledge to protect our world’s oceans, and come out June 9th in Washington DC.

Photo: NOAA