Is Your Seafood A Threat To National Security?

Illegal fishing is a huge problem we face today, and a threat to the security of nations around the world.

When we think of National Security, the topics ‘Terrorists’, ‘Drug Trafficking’, or ‘North Korea’, are usually what first come to mind. Likely the result of mindless mornings spent in front of a television with CNN or Fox News playing in the background.

What many don’t realize is that illegal fishing is actually among the world’s most lucrative illegal markets (behind drug and human trafficking). Unfortunately the United States as a world leader is doing an inadequate job at highlighting this threat and taking appropriate action to address the problem.

We’ve all heard of the ‘War on Drugs’ and the infamous ‘Wall’ that the Trump Administration wants to spend billions on building in an attempt to fight illegal immigration. But what the U.S. really needs now more than ever isn’t a wall on land, it’s an Eye in the Sky to help watch over the world’s fishing industries.

A Complex Problem We Need To Address

In a recent report by the nonpartisan Stimson Center, IUU (illegal, unreported, and undocumented) fishing was found to be a significant factor to the destabilization of developing coastal nations.

And the effects of this type of illegal activity activity are clearly resounding in countries around the world.

Photo: Philippe Gabriel-Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)