Eighty Tons Of Bluefin Tuna Seized By Authorities, Uncovering Illegal Trade

A vast network of illegal bluefin tuna trade across Europe raises concerns.

Spanish authorities announced the arrest of 76 people involved in a large illegal trade of bluefin tuna worth over €12 million per year between Malta and Spain, and with the engagement of other EU countries. 80,000 kg of illegally caught and marketed tuna were seized in the investigation, led under the coordination of EUROPOL. Irregularities found in the handling of the fish could also cause food poisoning.

The international investigation has discovered a large network of fishing companies and distributors that includes one of Europe’s biggest seafood farming companies, the Ricardo Fuentes and Sons Group, based in Spain.

The investigation provides crucial information ahead of the meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) taking place from 12 to 19 November in Croatia and where fishing nations and the EU will agree on new measures to manage the lucrative fishery of the east Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefintuna.

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Photo: Kimon Berlin/Wikimedia Commons

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