Anti-Whaling Nations Succeed, Blocking Japan’s Attempt To Bring Back Whale Hunts

To the relief of conservationists everywhere, the world has agreed to continue its ban on commercial whaling.

An attempt to overturn the decades-old global ban on commercial whaling has failed, to the relief of conservationists.

Anti-whaling nations defeated by a decisive margin proposals from the Japanese government that would have allowed for the return of whale hunts.

The vote, on the last day of this years meeting of the International WhalingCommission (IWC) in Brazil, was hailed by campaigners as a sign that pro-whaling nations will not be allowed to weaken global resolve to protect threatened species.

Kitty Block, president of the animal charity Humane Society International, said: It is an immense relief that the IWCs moral compass has led it to reject Japans reckless and retrograde attempt to bring back commercial whaling. What Japan tried to do here was to bend and break the rules of the IWC to lift an internationally agreed ban on killing whales for profit. It deserved to fail; the world has moved on from commercial whaling, and so must Japan. We hope that the IWC can now get on with the business of protecting these ocean leviathans from the myriad other threats they face.

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Photo: Sho Hatakeyama/Unsplash

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