14 Technologies and Innovative Businesses That Can Save Our Ocean

In celebrating World Oceans Day, an original piece from XPRIZE's Matt Mulrennan highlights 14 incredible technologies that can help to save our ocean.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 14 is to “conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.” To achieve this, we will need to create a new blue economy with sustainable start-up companies and innovations that can scale to solve the ocean’s grand challenges.

Here are 14 breakthrough innovations that are putting us on a path to healthy, valued and understood oceans.

  1. Catalina Sea Ranch off of California is the first offshore shellfish ranch permitted in U.S. federal waters, and they plan on expanding. Seafood farming, called aquaculture, provides half of all seafood consumed globally, and if done right it can reduce pressure on wild fisheries and have massive net benefits for our ocean and coastal economies.

  1. Plastic alternatives and bioplastic products could help solve ocean plastic pollution, improve human health, and may be tastier, like these edible spoons by Bakey’s, a small company in India, that come in different flavors: savory, sweet or plain. We already know the answer to stopping ocean plastics – disrupt plastics. I’ll take the stir-fry with a savory spoon, please.

  1. Scotland recently approved the world’s largest floating offshore wind farm. Floating offshore wind farms use less materials than traditional offshore windmills that are stabilized in the seabed. This brings down costs for tapping offshore wind energy, which is stronger and more consistent than onshore. Developing offshore wind can revitalize port communities and reduce ocean acidification and climate related threats to marine life.

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