Yes- Refugees Do Pay Taxes

Refugees Pay $20 Billion in US Taxes Each Year

Since taking office, US President Donald Trump has continually tried to block refugees.

Tens of thousands of refugees from all over the world resettle in the US each year.

For many, their first few months or years in the country are spent reorienting — overcoming trauma, learning a new language, enrolling in school, and making friends.

But after this adjustment period, refugees tend to become highly productive members of society, according to a new report by the Urban Institute.

“Resettled refugees have entered the US on humanitarian grounds,” Hamutal Bernstein, the report’s author, wrote in an introduction. “They have been admitted for safety and refuge from violence, torture, or discrimination, not to contribute to our workforce.”

“And yet, refugees do contribute to the US workforce and society,” she added.

Refugees have higher rates of labor force participation than the general population and many own homes and start businesses.

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