Want to help newly arrived refugees? Here's how you can easily make a difference!

Brigitte Perreault and Trip Oldfield, Exec Director of Program for Torture Victims. PTV rebuilds the lives of torture survivors from over 70 countries who have stood up for freedom, equality, and human dignity.

Please take a moment to read the personal stories below. Thank you.

Brigitte Perreault
Founder | The Global Lead Channel

PTV is requesting that you make a gift on their Donate Now page and writing "Emergency fund" in the note section so that they can buy clients:

Metro cards ($25.each)
Food cards ($25. each)
Bicycles | Helmets | Locks
and Shoes

Program for Torture Victims
3550 Wilshire Blvd - Suite 1906
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Donate Now

Please Contact: 213-384-4788

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Awesome work


Thanks RIchard! The bikes are so desperately needed! We have 14 survivors on our waitlist for bicycles. We will contact you to work out logistics.

Mark  Pattison
Mark Pattison

Awesome Brigitte. Love the channel.


Thanks Tommy! A gift to PTV using the above web link will allow us to buy the items on the list for our newly arrived refugees who are fleeing tyranny or human rights abuses. The worldwide refugee crisis is felt in the U.S. with the result of a backlog to get work permits. Without work permits-no income. So thanks and tell your friends to make a gift of $25 or more on our website!


I'm happy to donate shoes and a Metro card!


Fantastic! Thank you Richard-C! This will help so much! It will allow them to go to school, to work and start a new life!


This is wonderful! Thank you Brigitte Perreault for sharing these powerful stories and giving us the tools to help and to make a difference!

I own Perry's Beach Cafes and Rentals and would like to donate the following items for PTV's clients:

10 bicycles
10 helmets
10 locks