The Typology of Modern Slavery #1

The Typology of Modern Slavery offers a map for taking the next steps in creating a world without slavery.

Escort Services is a broad term that refers to commercial sex acts that primarily occur at a temporary indoor location. The operations are often described as “out-call,” where traffickers deliver victims to a buyer’s hotel room or residence for “private parties,” or as “in-call,” where potential buyers cycle in and out of a hotel room where the trafficker confines victim for extended stays.
There have been fluctuations in popular online advertising platforms for commercial sex, but the most prevalent online marketplace is Though Backpage closed its U.S. Adult Services section in January 2017 due pressure from the U.S. Senate, Backpage accounts for over 1,300 cases of trafficking and remains a driving force in global sexual exploitation.

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I agree - as it is a global issue and it also happens right here in the US.


The issue of human trafficking and slavery is a topic we should all learn more about and become proactive to stop it!