SYRIAN REFUGEES: "Hell on earth".

Brutal and unrelenting bombing continues and the Syrian people are in desperate need.

"Hell on earth." That's how the UN Secretary-General described the situation in Syria this week. Entire neighborhoods reduced to rubble. Families trapped and hoping to survive another day.

As the conflict in Syria drags on with recent appalling violence in Eastern Ghouta, families displaced by the war are at even greater risk. Despite the immense scale of the crisis, it risks becoming another forgotten emergency.

Brutal and unrelenting bombing continues and the Syrian people are in desperate need.

The UN Refugee Agency is on the ground coordinating a massive response throughout the region. With help from people like you, UNHCR is leading efforts to protect and shelter refugees — working across conflict lines to provide critical aid under extremely dangerous circumstances.

Provide safety to millions of refugees and displaced people fleeing violence — send emergency aid now. Your gift will give vulnerable children, women and men help when they need it most.

We don’t have any time to waste.


Anne-Marie Grey
Executive Director and CEO

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While I have sympathy for anyone suffering, the world needs to open its eyes to what the problem really is if it is ever going to be fixed. The facts are the Syrian refugees are refugees because one Muslim faction does not want to live under the rule of a different Muslim faction.

Anyone that thinks those refugees will be happy living under Christian rule needs to have a reality check. I'm concerned that Muslim refugees going into Christian countries will eventually cause more and bloodier wars than what they are currently escaping, I would love to be proven wrong, but at present we seem to be ignoring the possibility so as to seem to be politically correct and not offend anyone. Future generation may well ask what the hell were you thinking, rather than trying to fix the problem for all people to live in Syria together we to actually helped them spread their unrest across the world!

Please make sure you send contraception rather than baby formula when giving food aid, othwise you are playing a hand in perpetuating suffering!