Surviving the sex trade

The Life Story

The Life Story is a project which seeks to elevate the experiences and voices of those in the sex trade.

As the societal momentum to break the culture of violence and discrimination against women and girls continues, we’re excited to share a new resource: The Life Story: Moments of Change, a website that explores the experiences of survivors of the sex trade and those who work with them. The website shows many touch points which could have led to better outcomes for these women and girls including the school, foster care, housing, healthcare or law enforcement systems and is a valuable resource for advocacy.

The survivors highlight the opportunities they see for collective and transformative change. Please explore and share widely -- there is a role here for everyone committed to creating a just world for women and girls to play!

Sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation are a $99 billion criminal industry and trafficking for sexual exploitation is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. 96% of victims are women and girls.

Throughout our history, Equality Now has partnered with survivors and survivor-led organizations so that their experiences, perspectives and advocacy can strengthen laws and policies to stop sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

The producers of The Life Story say:

The Life Story: Moments of Change shines a light on the realities of women in the sex trade, elevates their voices and experiences and highlights opportunity for change—for all girls and all women—at different moments throughout a lifetime.

The trajectories of girls and women in the Life are often marked by many on-ramps into exploitation—poverty, violence, discrimination and system failure—and few exit ramps. The Life Story focuses on closing those on-ramps and building many more
exit ramps. This is a space to explore those solutions, particularly those which aim for larger system change.

This material is designed to be used by any individual or organization who sees the same potential. It is meant to inform and inspire those who work across the intersections of education, housing, public health, mental health and addiction services, economic and racial justice, and many other areas.

Equality Now applaud the women and girls who shared their lives and the NoVo Foundation for putting this valuable resource together. When we stand together against sexism and abuse, we are unstoppable.

To find out more about Equality Now's work to end sex trafficking and to hear more inspiring stories from survivors please visit our website.