How To Cope in an Oppressive Culture

There are some things that you can easily do to help with your own mental health

It is no secret that America has its problems, in many ways there are injustices and inequality. There are some things about our culture that we can’t do anything about but we while these things are being repaired, there are some things that we can do to help with your own mental health and feeling of safety.

Circle the wagons

It is important to surround yourself with like minded people who are in a similar situation that will be able to relate with you circumstances. No matter who you are, you will draw strength from having people like that around you. The kind of attention that all oppressed groups are getting in the media recently, you will be able to find people in your same situation. Get people who are like you and share ideas about what has and hasn’t worked for them to stay on top of the negative comments and actions of people around them.

Document everything

In situation where there are injustices or oppression in the workplace or in a professional setting, it is important to have careful examples of inappropriate behavior. When you decide to say something or speak about about your situation you need to have evidence to back it up.

Be sure to write down what was said/done, where it happened and when it happened for ever time it happens. Be careful not to dwell on these things because you are writing them down and be careful not to get trigger happy with putting down things that were not intended to push you down but were innocent mistakes or misunderstanding. Make sure and write it down if it is in fact oppressive but beware that not all people are always out to hard each other.

Have Safe Outlets

One of the most helpful things that you can do is to find things that are an escape for you. These should be healthy escapes that are helpful and not harmful. When you are feeling down and hurt, it is not ideal to turn to unhealthy eating habits or shouting at people around you. Look for other outlets like music or writing. One of the most impactful outlets is exercise. Many people have felt much better after they get an endorphin rush, consider buying some running shoes, exercise equipment or even looking into affordable pool loan companies to get something at your house that you can use all the time.

Stick to Your Guns

Make a conscious decision what your values and morals are. Make them so clear to you that you could write them down and clearly explain them to even a child. Learn what things are the most important to you and what things are not worth your time. There are somethings that are important and that you need to care about and there are some that are just not as important, the only one who can tell what is what will be you. Find out what you will not compromise on and where you are ok to.

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