Help put an end to human trafficking

Here are ways you can contribute for the fight against ending human trafficking.

The International Labor Organization estimates that traffickers make more than $150 billion in earnings annually. Than the global community spends to fight trafficking within the course of an entire 23, that amounts to a gain that is greater. It's defined as the exploitation of a person for commercial or labor sex against their will through force, fraud or coercion. Trafficking can take many forms, such as domestic servitude, child labor and migrant working while it is most commonly associated with sex. Victims include children, women and men from all backgrounds and walks of life. It can happen anywhere: in houses and on fishing boats, and in mines and factories and.

Take Action: Ways YOU Can Combat Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery

Raise awareness about human trafficking and promote your networks to participate on social media. Use #LIVEUNITED and hashtag #endslavery. Learn the Signs which are red flags or signs of possible human trafficking and contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. Join us in calling on President Trump to commit just two cents for every dollar in profits traffickers make to fight human trafficking. Volunteer or get involved with a local anti-trafficking organization in your region. Get a great doorbell camera to record what is going on outside and keep yourself a little safer from human trafficking. Subscribe to join the United Way movement to end human trafficking. Text ENDSLAVERY into 51555 to learn how you can be a champion for the cause. Know your slavery footprint: Whether it is the clothes we wear, the coffee we drink, or the phones we use to convey, products that we use or consume daily may have been produced with trafficked or slave labour. Find out your everyday life may be touching.