Differences Between Police Brutality And Police Duties

The foremost duty of the officers is to protect the citizens and the property of the country along with representing a police force. However, police brutality also exists in the society as there are instances in which police officers were unnecessarily brutal in handling different situations.

While the police officers are performing their duties, it is necessary to be stringent as a part their job, but it is also important for them to know their limitations. What extent of strictness is allowed to implement in handling different cases? How to get a clear understanding of the circumstances? This article intends to address the differences between police duty and brutality persisting within the society, with the support of disputable cases as evidence. It also illustrates an apparent use of the keywords namely, “police brutality” and “duties” among others.

Police Abuses

Police abuses examples have become prominent in the present scenario, which implies that it is continuously leading towards the violation of human rights. These injuries varied from the use of excessive power to unjustified shooting and rough treatments with the people associated. For instance, there were cases, in which public brutality was apparent in the United States. It was observed that in the year 2015, police officers in the US had killed more than 258 Blacks and 39 of them were reported to be unarmed as depicted in Figure 1 (Human Rights Watch, 1998). Another instance appeared in Keith Lamont Scott case when the accused was shot to death by a police officer claiming that he was armed. Later on, there was found a video, which was taken as evidence, along with the support of witnesses. It all proved that Scott was unarmed and, moreover, he was disabled. This case brought violent protests within the society portraying that the US police officers were misusing their power to kill innocent people especially on the ground of racism. Corresponding to similar cases regarding the killing of black people by white police officers it was stated in the recent context that race had become the reason behind police brutality and those innocent people were put to death without any reason just because they were Blacks. Thus, they must abide their rules, responsibilities, and duties to avoid racial discrimination in the long run.

Rules and Regulations That Must Be Followed By the Police Officers

In the present scenario, certain norms and regulations have been enforced that must be abided by the policemen and the police department as a whole. Police officers being the most prominent government representatives are expected to be liable for protecting the public in every circumstance, thereby ensuring safety. The police forces in an overall basis must follow and maintain law and order in the society, which have made their roles and responsibilities difficult to be defined. The police duties can be identified in general, which probably encompasses different aspects, some of which include impartial law enforcement intending to abide by the legislation of the particular country. Besides, maintaining peace and order while safeguarding the citizens and the properties of a country, they also must try to prevent criminal activities by conducting proper investigations addressing their social responsibilities. Therefore, it can be stated that the primary duty of law enforcement officers, i.e., police officers is to protect the citizens and the property of a nation. Focusing on the US scenario, the police duties include assigning patrolling activities, which at times must take account of the entire jurisdiction. This is apart from responding to the emergency calls, arresting the suspects, enforcing the law and along with all this, officers also need to testify for certain cases in courts on an occasional basis and issue citations as well. In response to domestic disturbances, the police officers must even be able to handle traffic, make first aid available to those in need in cases of accidents and public disputes. Police officers performing their duties can be better depicted in Figure 2. It is also found that the policemen at various instances indulge themselves into the tasks of patrolling, form fill-ups along with report writings and at times they even need to execute immigration duties.

Case Scenario in the US

Evidence suggests that in the US, it has been observed that many police officers have died while performing their duties. In 2017 there is a 30% increase in the number of deaths of police officers in comparison to the year 2016. Statistics prove that in 2016, 50 law enforcement personnel were martyred, which rose to 65 officers until June 2017. This, therefore, suggests that there may be a likely increase in these numbers in the future as well. Corresponding to such incidents one of the officers on July 5th was shot dead inside a department vehicle. Fatal attacks like this have been noticed in the past years, which were apparent to be the results of their responses while performing their duty.

Case Scenario in Nigeria

Based on the criticisms faced by the police department especially in Nigeria, it has been reported that police officers were getting affected by the instances of corruption. With the increased level of criminal activities, there has been found cases of increased corruption, which has posed an alarming necessity towards addressing these events that have become a challenging and complex task for the police department creating great concerns for the government as well. Evidence suggests that Nigerian authorities were facing difficulties in addressing these issues because of higher rates of complexity. There were instances, in which the police decisions were affected by political influences that in turn gave rise to corruption even in the police department itself. It is the primary duty of the police force to make impartial decisions for enforcing law and order in the country, thereby protecting the people and their properties rather than safeguarding the political parties. Therefore, it can be suggested that the policing of the nation must be efficient and effective enough to adhere to the rules by increasing the responsiveness of the policies and abiding by equitable decisions, thereby protecting the citizens of a nation. Therefore, the current policies must be followed by the police department and the government to improve the performance, brutal decisions of the police departments and the government as a whole.

Final Thoughts

It can, therefore, be concluded that there are circumstances, which portray that the police officers have dedicated their lives to perform their duties of protecting the citizens. So, on an overall basis, it was evident that the police department was performing their duties against the criminal activities, but they must do so abiding by certain limitations and should not be brutal by any instance.

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