A New Nominee to Take the Lead at Education Dept. Office and the Issue of Sexual Assaults on Campuse

Can a new candidate for the post at education department office to resolve issues with racism? A new strategy to prevent sex assaults on campuses

At times, there is a great need for changes that may not be even expected first. Nevertheless, changes may have positive outcomes. The education system requires some changes from time to time. Thus, the Trump administration announced that Kenneth L. Marcus will probably take one of the leading roles in the Department of Education .

This vacancy is of great importance. Undoubtedly, students always require some support from the government. They may need some financial aid, assignment help, health care i mprovements and so on. In the meanwhile, their rights should be protected as well. Probably, the future appointment of Mr. Marcus would have a bigger stress on the protection of human rights of students .

It is worth mentioning that he is only one of the candidates for the post and in the case of the adoption, will become an assistant secretary. Such people are needed in the U.S.A. In recent years, there were reported numerous cases of human rights violations on college campuses. In most cases, America faces a very old and really painful issue of racism. Jewish, Afro-Americans and Hispanic people are constantly under the threat of attacks. Some of them are physical.

The government should prevent and stop such happenings. Sometimes, there appear cases when colleges seem to discriminate the rights of their ethnic students too. Such events are strongly criticized by society and ethnic communities. There are many stereotypes that violate the rights of people of non-American nationality and they have many followers. How can ever a student who is under such great pressure become a well-educated lawyer, doctor or essay writer ? This is the guilt of the state. Simultaneously, one should consider the inner policy of educational institutions that allow such acts of racism.

Probably, the appointment of a famous Jewish lawyer and defender of human rights is a reasonable step. Such people like Mr. Marcus clearly understand all the tendencies and complications of anti-Semitic and racist assaults. Such people can find the necessary solutions, which would regulate all the problems.

It is needed to say that during the first nine months of Trump’s administration, much stress was made on Title IX. The Office of Civil Rights points out that there is another great issue, which is associated with a different kind of assaults. There are multiple cases of sexual attacks and the tendency shows that their numbers only increase.

The appointment of Mr. Marcus is strongly related to Candice E. Jackson, who used to act as assistan t secretary for civil rights. She will leave the post. However, Ms. Jackson will remain in the system and will help to develop strategies and outreaches for civil rights. Her persona is not public. She rarely appears before mass media. Nevertheless, her heated strategy and claims against violence on campuses during the last summer pictured in the minds of thousands.

The deputy criticized the policy of colleges that did not undertake any effective and dependable measures against alcohol consumption on campus, which led to the assaults on female students. There were too many obvious cases and the government should not close eyes and remain aside.

It is worth mentioning that in the course of the last month, the Education department withdrew two essential documents , which neglected the previous directions of Obama administration. Those documents withdrew any responsibility from all colleges if sexual assaults took place on the campus. Ms. Jackson is convinced that such action is reasonable. Right now, colleges will become responsible for such actions and will implement more serious and effective measures for the prevention of sexual assaults and the violation of the gender-equality law.

The government wishes to encourage all the victims to come forward and reveal those disgusting cases. It is necessary to define the way colleges would handle violations. There is a need for finding reasonable methods, which would adjust the disciplinary processes throughout the state. Additionally, it is needed to find the correct standards to regulate such situations.