Love is the answer. Love grows kids.

The first Child Protector Conference and Gala was an enormous success!

The Global Lead Channel is honored to have been selected to be the Exclusive Media Partner for the first Child Protector Conference and Gala.

With Delegates from 16 countries and presentations by experts in child welfare, the recent Child Protector Conference and Gala held at The Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. was a grand event and an enormous success. As the Delegates were departing Washington D.C. to go back to their countries and important roles, the integration and utilization of the Child First Software became a priority.

The CHILDREN FIRST SOFRWARE - CFS - helps government child welfare agencies build, maintain, and manage accurate records of a child's identification, medical conditions, and other details for matching the child with a permanent family.

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This is amazing and yes love definitely grow kids <3