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Protecting children around the world.
It began with a vision for a different future!

It began with a vision for a different future

Craig and Kathy Juntunen adopted three children from Haiti, growing their family and discovering a passion to see children like theirs find a permanent and loving home. Initially, Craig envisioned international and domestic adoption as the vehicle to move these at-risk children into families, but as he continued to push for solutions, gather resources, and seek wisdom wherever there was success, he began to realize that the solutions were as diverse as the children, families, and cultures where the problem was found. The simple and nearly impossible answer was that Every Child Deserves A Family.

In 2013, Both Ends Believing began exploring alternatives for working with countries around the globe to make permanency for children a universal goal. We envisioned a Summit of Nations to focus on creating the energy and enthusiasm to make permanency for children a global cause. In addition to communicating the results of medical research on the adverse effects of institutionalization upon children, we aspired to pool our collective experiences to find the best practices in child welfare.

What Is the Global Working Group?

In November 2014, Both Ends Believing hosted child welfare officials from 18 countries at our first Global Symposium “Achieving Child Permanency Through Innovation” at Harvard Faculty Club, which resulted in the forming of the Both Ends Believing Global Working Group. Additional countries have accepted the invitation to join the Global Working Group since its inception. This unique global coalition works to protect and advocate for the rights of vulnerable children.

Our stated goal is to eliminate the institutionalization of children and its devastating effects on children growing up without a family. The group consists of global child welfare officials, child development specialists, experts in children's rights, accomplished innovators, and government leaders from around the world who are dedicated to changing the landscape of child welfare by defending the most basic human right for all children: to grow up in a permanent, loving family.


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Amazing work going on globally for the children. These people who are working deserves respect