Creating families one child at a time

Dedicated to defending every child's human right to a permanent, loving family.

BOTH ENDS BELIEVING's focus is children living outside of parental care and children at risk of becoming separated from their families. Although billions of dollars are spent every year to help the world’s children, it is astounding that so little is focused on family care solutions.

The Problem

There are millions of kids who needed a family, many families
who wanted to adopt them, yet adoption is in free-fall decline.

What happened? Why is there such a disconnect?

Children first software

An innovative new tool, developed by Tyler Technologies for Both Ends Believing, to serve every child's human right, and basic human need, to grow up in a loving family.

Global Working Group

A group of leaders from around the world collaborate and innovate,

share experiences and expertise, all with the common goal of improving

the lives of children living outside of parental care.

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Inspirational... Glad the Global Lead is part of this social movement. Keep up the GREAT work!


well this is an issue globally which needs to be solved