Vacation in a More Eco-Friendly Way

You can book one of these eco-friendly Airbnbs for your next vacation.

  1. Jungle Cabana--Tulum, Mexico. It's only $45 per night and is completely powered by solar panels. Not to mention the water is treated with an ecological system.
  1. Greenhouse--Oslo, Norway. It's $84 per night, but you can wake up surrounded by plants!
  1. Bali-Eco Lodge--Bali, Indonesia. It's $24 per night (what a steal) and it promotes recycling, composting, and gardening.
  1. African Oasis--South Africa. It's $425 per night, but it runs completely on solar energy, and it's right by the beach.
  1. Sailboat--Sydney, Australia. It's $179 per night and you can enjoy an eco-friendly boat option.
  1. Slovenia Home--Koper, Slovenia. It's $134 per night. Not only is it solar powered, there is zero waste, and it utilizes rainwater from underground reservoirs.
  1. Prairie Home--Livingston, Montana. It's $195 per night and made up of recycled materials.
  1. Windmill--Lisboa, Portugal. It's $92 per night, it is an original energy harvester and has a great view!
  1. Castle--NewBridge, Scotland. It's $122 per night and the property operates a solar thermal heating system.
  1. Private Island--Placencia, Belize. It's $595 per night, it is solar AND wind powered. I mean come one, an eco-friendly island to yourself?! Yes please!

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