Upcoming Equator Principles Address Banks Socially & Environmentally Conscious Investing

Over 90 of the world's largest banks will meet in Brazil Oct 24 to discuss their commitments under the Equator Principles, voluntary rules alleged to guide banks toward financing more socially responsible infrastructure projects.

Imagine what the future could hold if all banks held one another accountable to socially & environmentally conscious investing.

In 30 days, more than 90 of the world's largest banks will meet in Brazil to recommit to the Equator Principles, a set of rules guiding which big infrastructure projects the banks will (and won't) finance.

Sign here to tell the banks to respect Indigenous rights and stop funding climate devastation.

"Equator banks" have promised to avoid or minimize the social, environmental and climate impacts while respecting the rights and interests of Indigenous communities.

The October 24 meeting in São Paulo, Brazil is a clear opportunity for Equator banks to revisit their Principles and commit to a higher standard of practice. Advocates will be on the ground in Brazil, and local activists around the world are planning related actions around the same time to increase the pressure.

As a powerful coalition of human rights, environmental and Indigenous-led organizations, the people are demanding Equator banks stop financing climate disasters and respect Indigenous peoples' rights and land.

Sign on to the DivestInvest EquatorBanksAct petition and show your support for socially & environmentally conscious investing.

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