Tampons That Are Not Harmful To Your Body

Sustain's tampons are made from 100% organic cotton! Use the discount code "GREENMATTERS" to get your first month free!

Having your period is never fun. Why should women also have to worry about the harmful ingredients that tampons and pads are made of? Some tampons contain rayon, chlorine and fragrances.

Thanks to Sustain, a company that has developed tampons to put your body first, discloses every single ingredient in their products.

Their tampons are hypoallergenic and made with 100% cotton. The applicators are made with plant-based bioplastic. To make it even more convenient for women, Sustain has developed a period kit so you can create one with the exact amount of tampons, pads and liners that you will need each month.

Use the code "GREENMATTERS" to get your first month free and free shipping!

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