Should Scientific Pursuits Take Precedence Over The Sacred?

An additional telescope atop Hawaii's Sacred mountain, Mauna Kea, threatens not only the mountain herself, but the integrity of scientific pursuits.

"The placement of these telescopes—and a plan to build a new, mega-telescope—is the source of enormous tension in Hawaii, where Mauna Kea is at the center of an intense cultural and political debate. Astronomers want to move forward with plans to build their $1 billion observatory, known as the Thirty Meter Telescope, or TMT, near the mountain’s summit, while local protesters are rallying against the project in an attempt to reclaim a unique and sacred place for the Hawaiian people. Over the past year, this fight spun out into a lawsuit that’s now before the Hawaii Supreme Court... And one bizarre line of reasoning from telescope supporters is that Mauna Kea has already been so poorly cared for over the years that one more telescope can't hurt."

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