LIFE School Guatemala Connects The Dots

On Friday 29 September, LIFE School Guatemala took part in a dance challenge that promotes the message that We Are All Connected. The idea is that if more people remembered that we are all connected, we would treat ourselves, one another, and the Earth with a lot more respect.

Taking place over a number of weeks, LIFE School Art and Dance Teacher Rocio taught and rehearsed a dance, especially choreographed for the kids, from Parvulos all the way to Grade 6.

Next, the community marched together as an army of Earth Guardians descending upon another local school in Panajachel. The flash mob entered through the school gates and the fun began. As the surprised faces welcomed the mob into the central garden, the music was loud, the crowd was pumped, and the kids rocked the dance, moving with a mission to make a difference!

How do you like to bust mission-driven moves?