Let's Get To Planting!

This machine can replant entire forests.

We lose roughly 32,000 square miles of forest each year due to deforestation. Deforestation harms natural ecosystems and contributes to erosion.

Bracke developed a machine to help replant trees to regain lost ground. The Bracke P11.A makes planting trees easier and quicker. It has a digging attachment that seamlessly transitions to depositing seedlings.

The machine can hold multiple seedlings at once for efficiency. Let's get to planting!

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This machine idea is not very well thought out, there is no way the bio diversity can be restablished with a tree planting machine. The danger is by pretending to fix the problem by pouring money into tree planting it takes focus away from finding a real proper solution which must be based on preserving forests. No doubt someone plans to get rich harvesting plantation timber, and using environmental protection money to achieve their goals.


This is wonderful! A great machine!