Let's Get Rid Of Styrofoam Plates For Good

These biodegradable plates are paving the way to the end of styrofoam use.

Outside barbecue's, birthday parties, events etc. all have one thing in common: styrofoam plates. Did you know that it takes over 730,000 days for styrofoam to break down in nature? That's 2,000 years.

Leaf Republic came up with an eco-friendly alternative solution. They are making biodegradable and renewable outdoor tableware made from 100% leaves. That's right, leaves. These awesome plates contain zero plastic (finally), zero additives, and zero chemicals.

The plates are layered with leaves and stitched together using fibers from palm trees. They are also waterproof and can decompose in 28 days.

Hopefully it won't be long until these are the only disposable plates we use!

@GreenMatters #EarthGuardians