It's Not a Car, It's Not a Motorcycle, It's an 'Ebike.'

This affordable e-bike conversion can cut down on both traffic and air pollution.

Do you feel guilty about driving a car because of it's effects on the environment, but can't commit to riding a bike? An e-bike just may be the solution! It was invented by Geoorbital and is made out of hi-density solid foam.

It replaces the front wheel of a standard bike, doesn't require any tools, and it takes 60 seconds to install. The best part? It is compatible with every bicycle so you can keep the one you have and not worry about buying a new one. The front wheel comes in two sizes, depending on what suites you best.

You can reach speeds up to 20 mph and cruise for 20-50 miles on the battery. And here's a bonus, it even charges your phone.

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