Is Eating Bugs for Protein the Future?

Insects may be a sustainable solution to our protein problem in the very near future.

Human population growth isn't slowing down anytime soon. By 2050, the population is estimated to grow to 9.7 billion people.

The cost of feeding livestock will increase by 70 percent by 2030. In order to combat this increase, Entocycle, a UK based start up, is using Black Soldier Fly Larvae as protein. Why are they doing this, you ask? Because insects are rich in protein and use significantly less farmland to grow. They also create a fraction of greenhouse gases compared to livestock.

But wait, those aren't the only reasons. Flies eat any waste as food, so Entocycle works to close the food waste stream. Right now the larvae are used for animal feed, but we may see it on our plates in a few years!

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