Get Back at Your Weeds by Eating Them

Put the weed killer away and break out the silverware.

Keeping your lawn or garden free of weeds can be a challenge. Before you turn to a chemical solution to the problem, consider the natural solution: eating them.

Please keep in mind that there are weeds that you should not eat, however, try adding the following weeds to your salad!

  1. Burdock: may be bitter but it is high in protein and fiber.
  1. Chicory: packs a nourishing punch.
  1. Creeping Charlie: great source of vitamin C.
  1. Dandelion: promotes healthy skin and liver. Boil the leaves to make them less bitter.
  1. Ground Elder: functions as a diuretic and a sedative.
  1. Kudzu: high in protein, fiber and iron.
  1. Plantain: high in iron, vitamin A and C.
  1. Purslane: high in calcium, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids.

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I didn't know!!! Thanks! ALways liked dandelion greens, but now I Have more choices! Tx!