Five Ways of Making an Essay Eye Catching

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Reading an essay is really interesting but essay writing service uk is even
more interesting. However it might look simple but it’s not an easy task to
write a good quality and creative essay.
Quality essay writing is just not everyone’s cup of tea. Grapping attention of
a reader scrolling through the computer or laptop screen or mobile phone is the
key to win the game.

No matter you have time or not you can ask others to do it
for you but make sure its eye catching. As a former writer I used to ask
someone to do my essay for me. Following are the five ways of making an essay

· Understand and follow the AIDA element:
AIDA element is very common and most used element in the world of advertising
and marketing that’s why this is also applied and implemented in writing
fields. A in AIDA stand for attention which simply means that you should grab
the attention at the first palace, I stands for interest which means how you
develop interest in the readers after attracting them, D stands for desire
which means that your target audience must have a desire to continue reading
the whole essay, finally A here means the action that your target audience will
take, in the case of essay action would be feedback and demand. Understanding
and following this rule will straight away make your essay attractive and eye

· Work most on the title/topic:Title/topic
is the first impression of an essay, just like dressing is the first impression
in a person and if a person is not well dressed we do not even consider talking
to that person or we are not even attracted towards that person. Same is with
the essay. Use such a catchy and attractive title for the essay that people
start willing to read it out.

· Always go for the trending essays:You
have to make your essay eye catching so that people scrolling down or turning
the pages can stop and start reading it. People want to know more about the
trends and its future possibilities so just give your hundred percent on the
trending topics with of course all otherrequired elements.

· Keep the content balanced: keep
everything balanced don’t gather all the text on one side and all the images on
the other. Don’t add too much text that the prominence of the images die, if
there are no images in the essay at all then play with the words and fonts and
the composition and placement of the text.This will attract the readers and
will not be too much for a reader’s eye. Always keep in mind that you have to
fit in the reader’s shoe and then think. No one even considers reading essays
full of text having all the weight at one point.

· Play around with the fonts:if you have no
visuals in your essay then play smartly with the words and with the fonts. Keep
negative spacing in mind and play as much with fonts as possible as this
psychologically affects the readers mind and convince them to read the entire

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