Embrace the Journey to a Billion Trees

TreeSisters Journey to a Billion Trees is a campaign to plant one billion trees per year in the tropics.

At the heart of the TreeSisters: women seeding change "Journey to a Billion Trees" campaign is an embodied experience that is designed to help us shift from what we are calling a consumer species to a restorer species - an evolution of humanity that helps restore all aspects of Nature.

This 'Journey of Awakening' will be hosted by Clare Dubois, founder of TreeSisters.org and will feature weekly Global Meditations, FaceBook Live teachings and interviews with global leaders. It is virtual and free and open to all.

Each week will explore a new form of awakening. As we are entering into week 2, the week of embrace, we prepare to move beyond judgment and separation to open to the universal human heart in its highest expression.

Do you long for true togetherness, to be healed by unconditional acceptance and be invited to love, utterly, with nothing held back, so that you can discover what we can birth on this planet, through reverence and support of each other?

If you find yourself saying yes to these questions, please join the campaign by going to https://billiontrees.me/treesisters-inner-journey-of-awakening/

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