Earth Guardians in India are Planting Trees & Turning Tides

Trees for Tomorrow: Odisha, India Earth Guardians are bringing children out of the slums and into schools all while planting, planting, planting.

The rapidly growing Odisha, India Earth Guardians are running a mass tree plantation campaign titled Trees for Tomorow.

Thirty-two Earth Guardian Crew members from the village community and the schools, including a school program that brings children out of the slums and prepares them to enter into public school, are working together to plant trees and improve air quality.

Last year they planted more than 4,000 trees. This year, so far, they have planted 1,500 trees and will reach 5,000 by April 2018.

That is a fresh breath of air. Thank you Earth Guardians Odisha, India for your amazing stewardship of children and the environment!

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THis is amazing step