Are you ready to join hands in sisterhood and feel powerful in the face of climate change?

When you look at what’s happening in the world, it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed. But has there ever been a more powerful time to be alive? We have an amazing capacity to love, amazing gifts to give, and together we can realize any dream and overcome any challenge...

That's why TreeSisters is offering their ‘Wild Hope for a New Humanity’ interview series, to launch their Journey to a Billion Trees Campaign; a collection of inspiring transmissions of possibility and vibrant, paradigm-shifting conversations, starting Tuesday, 24th October.

In this series, TreeSisters founder Clare Dubois will be in conversation with these inspirational, global leaders:

Pat McCabe: Dine’ Navajo Grandmother, Artist, Activist and Ceremonial Leader

Woman Stands Shining ~ Tues 24th

Diana Beresford-Kroeger: Author, Medical Biochemist, Botanist, Leading Expert on Trees

How Trees Can Heal Us ~ Weds 25th

Sister Zeph: Teacher, Women’s Activist, and Philanthropist

The Lioness Rises with Love ~ Thurs 26th

Elisabet Sahtouris: Internationally Known Evolution Biologist and Futurist

The Miraculous Evolution of Gaia ~ Fri 27th

Lynne Twist and Atossa Soltani: Author of The Soul Of Money and Co-Founder of The Pachamama Alliance, and Founder and Board President of Amazon Watch respectively.

Embracing the Forest Heart of the World ~ Sat 28th

These interviews will all take place at 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm UK.
You can register here.

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