14yr Old Fashion Designer & Earth Guardian Partner Innovating the Future of Fashion

"Our goal is to create environmental awareness through Fashion." -- House of Maiya

House of Maiya: Fashion for Free Spirits

Debuting at New York Fashion Week September 2017

Fashion is not the only Passion at House of Maiya, "we also happen to love the planet we live on and have combined our love of both to create beautiful, creative, innovative, ethical designs. By reusing and recycling textiles, we can reduce these effects and the need for landfill."

House of Maiya was established as a brand in 2013 by a (then) ten year old fashion designer who innovates ways for weaving her passion and concerns for the fashion and textiles industry. Despite being a relatively easy waste stream to recycle, the environmental and social impacts of disposable clothing is alarming. An estimated 93% of all textile waste in Ireland alone, home to House of Maiya, is sent to landfill and produces detrimental environmental effects. House of Maiya aims to change the way we as a society view recycled clothing, behave as consumers and manage textile waste.

House of Maiya takes great pride in knowing everything they create is also going some way towards making a huge difference to the damage caused by the Fashion Industry, while celebrating clients' individuality with unique designs.

In just three short years, House of Maiya has fast become a household name and an embodied example of an Earth Guardian. They will make their New York Fashion Week debut this September 2017!

Thank you, House of Maiya, for leading the way towards more sustainable fashion practices.

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Amazing ... I am loving this


The website is soon to be published! She is amazing.


WOW! IS there a link to her website to see her designs?