When we first heard about Dubai’s sustainable city we were intrigued; it was something we had to see with our own eyes.

Historically, Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has been rated amongst the least environmentally friendly cities in the world. Recently however, the government has unveiled plans to make this oil rich emirate, which currently relies heavily on fossil fuels, one of the cleanest global cities by the year 2050.

Introducing the Sustainable City

So, what makes a sustainable city? Well in this case – for a development comprised of 500 homes – power will be supplied by a vast network of solar panels positioned to make the most of that natural resource a desert climate has plenty of. 10,000 trees have been planted around the perimeters of the city to filter pollutants and sand particles from the air. To top it off, there are 11 biodome farms for growing fresh produce supplied by recycled water and there will also be an onsite school for sustainability – aptly named the Junior Innovation Centre.


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As do I. I can't imagine the effort put through to make these greenhouses viable in their climate. But kudos!!!


I never thought I would hear about Dubai being a force in the battle against climate change, but I applaud the city for its efforts.