This Coffee Chain Is First to Announce a Complete Ban on Disposable Cups

Handing out 300,000 disposable cups a year is “senseless,” says the chain.

Independently owned cafe chain Boston Tea Party (BTP) is the first in England to announce a total ban on single-use drinks cups.

The ban, which will be across all 21 branches across the south west and the Midlands as well as the new BTP set to open in Chichester, will come into effect from June 1.

According to owner and managing director Sam Roberts, a total ban on disposable cups is “the only truly ethically solution” to plastic waste.

After the ban, customers will have the choice between bringing their own mug, buying a reusable mug in store at “non-profit-making prices,” according to the chain, or using the chain’s loan scheme — which involves paying a deposit on one they can return to any branch.

Roberts described the chain handing out around 340,000 disposable cups a year as “senseless.”

“Lots of coffee chains are making pledges about how they plan to tackle cup waste in the future,” said Roberts. “But theirs is a future which is too far away. We need to stop right now.”

He added that he would stop tomorrow, but, “it’s only fair to give our loyal customers and fantastic team a month to get used to the idea.”