This 6-Year-Old Has a Very Clear Message for the World About Plastic

To be quite honest, the solution to our plastic waste crisis seems pretty straightforward. We are drowning our planet and filling the oceans with dangerous non-biodegradable trash.

This issue will not go away on its own but will get worse and worse until exactly none of us will be spared from the consequences. What we can do in the face of this fact is, simply, strive to produce the smallest amount of plastic we can and reclaim and recycle what it left.

Of course, misinformation and unnecessary complication of the issue runs rampant. But at the very core, the conundrum is quite uncomplicated – so much so that it is perfectly clear to, say, a six-year-old, what is at stake and what our reaction should be.

“Let me tell you about plastic,” says Carter Lockwood, a six-year-old from Porirua, New Zealand, in the video above, which was captured and posted on a Facebook page by his mom, Shannon Lockwood. The boy goes on to explain in no uncertain terms his message to his country.


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this kid got a serious explanation. Woah