Talking Trash in Paradise- Kristal Ambrose

Award winning 3 Minute Thesis presentation "Talking Trash in Paradise" by Kristal Ambrose

Meet Kristal Ambrose,Founder and Director of Bahamas Plastic Movement based in Nassau,New Providence, Bahamas.Operating under the pillars of Research, Education, Citizen Science and Policy Change, the organization functions to bring attention to the issue of plastic pollution while providing feasible solutions for the everyday person. The organization work closely with youth to empower them to become activists and understand the importance of using their voices to make a difference. "Working with youth is the most inspiring process for me personally. They motivate me, lift my spirits, provide great insight into the issue and come up with the most creative ideas in terms of plastic pollution awareness and solutions."

Kristal Ambrose also known as ‘Kristal Ocean’ is an environmental scientist studying marine debris and plastic pollution in The Bahamas. After sailing across the Pacific Ocean in 2012 to study the Western Garbage Patch, Kristal was inspired to return home to The Bahamas to spark a plastic pollution revolution. For the past two and a half years she has been working diligently on plastic pollution research and education in her country. In 2013, she began The Plastic Beach Project; a citizen science based initiative that studies plastic concentrations on beaches in The Bahamas. Her passion for the issue led her to develop and launch The Bahamas Plastic Movement. Since embarking on her journey to change with The Bahamas Plastic Movement, she has brought awareness of the issue to thousands locally and globally.Most recently she was
awarded the 2014 Environmental Youth Leader Award from The Government of The Bahamas for her efforts in the field of plastic pollution. Currently she is continuing her education at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.