Some Of The Biggest Negative Impacts On The Environment

Every day companies and individuals do many things that have a negative effect on the environment.

Every day companies and individuals do many things that have a negative effect on the environment. From pollution to extreme waste and everything in between many are unaware of how we are affecting the world around us. Below are some of the biggest negative impacts on the environment both from individuals as well as companies.

Garbage Waste

Every single day food, time, material and other resources are wasted. Some is recycled while most is simply thrown in the garbage as it cannot be reused or recycled so it sits filling landfills or even the streets. One of the biggest concerns of waste is mailing and packaging material. Tons of junk mail is thrown in the garbage every single day. Companies use excessive amounts of packaging to ship items and not many people reuse that material. By cutting down on the amount of items companies and individuals have shipped it can reduce the amount of packaging that is used.

Car Pollution

Car pollution is a genuine concern for the environment especially in these modern times when many families have multiple cars. Cars emit carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and other pollutants that are not only bad for the environment but our everyday health. Going forward in the future many researchers and experts are attempting to teach individuals as well as companies about the many benefits of carpooling and using mass transportation.

Energy Waste

Many researchers have estimated that energy waste cost businesses and personal households millions and possibly even billions of dollars every year. Electricity cost is constantly on the rise and it seems more and more homes and companies are adding extra lights and features that require a lot of energy. Not only does excessive electricity cost an exuberant amount of money but it also uses and wastes necessary fuels and energy. Many homes and businesses are turning to solutions such as halogen lights and even solar panels. Many big companies are leasing solar panels and finding out not only does it help the environment but it is also saving a great deal of money in the long run.

Water Waste

Throughout years of research many experts have concluded that the average family can waste more than a hundred gallons of water every single week. This occurs through long showers, running dishwashers excessively, doing excessive amounts of laundry or car washing, and even leaks around the home. To combat this water waste showers should be limited to 5 to 10 minutes and try avoiding baths as it wastes a lot more water then a quick shower. Another great way to save water, in the home especially, is to install a shower head with low flow water pressure. Lower flow water pressure shower heads typically offer about half the amount of water and pressure which can really reduce water waste.


Although deforestation is typically done by bigger companies it is a growing problem in the world today. Deforestation means the clearing or cutting of trees to make way for buildings or other land. Millions and millions of acres of forest and trees have been ripped out to convert into houses, shopping malls, farms, ranches and other uses. Many are unaware that the loss of trees can cause climate change, increased greenhouse gases, fewer crops and even bad soil. There are a variety of different companies and organizations that are working to help preserve trees and forests and help save the environment.

These are just a few of the things that have the biggest impact on the environment. Some other big things that can affect the environment include smoking, overpopulation and desertification.