Solar Panel Benefits Outweigh Initial Cost

Why You Should Look Into Going Solar

Solar Panel Benefits Outweigh Initial Cost

Many homeowners are interested in solar panels but may think they are too expensive to install. While the initial cost may be high, there are 10 reasons why the benefits of installing solar panels outweigh the cost.

1 - Reduce Electric Bill

Electric costs can get very high. A person may find themselves paying several hundred dollars a month for their electric bill. Solar panels can cover 25 years or more of free power for the household. If a home does not have their entire electric bill covered by the cost of solar panels, they will reduce their bill by 90 percent or more.

2 - Return on Investment

Solar panels are a great investment. They have a return that is often higher than traditional stocks and bonds. The average homeowner is able to pay off the cost of their solar panel system within 10 years. After this, they see an average of a 20 percent return on their initial investment.

3 - Protection from Electricity Cost Increase

The cost of electricity seems to be always increasing. The prices have gone up a significant amount in the past ten years. The cost of electric rises an average of 3 percent a year. Solar panels will help offer protection against these rising costs since the energy is taken directly from the sun.

4 - Tax Benefits

There are many different ways to pay for solar panels. Solar financing will allow you to pay for the panels a little at a time. There are also a number of tax rebates to help reduce the cost of the panels.

5 - Increase Property Value

Solar panels will add value to the home. If someone goes to sell their home they can get a high asking price since the demand and desire for solar panels will continue to increase.

6 - Save the Environment

Solar panels are a great way to make the home more environmentally friendly. The panels do not emit any carbon or other emissions into the year. They will be able to remove three to four tons of carbon from the air each year. They do the work of 100 trees.

7 - Energy Security

One day fossil fuel is going to run out. A utility company can also go out of business at any time. The sun will be in the sky for billions of years to come. No matter what happens with the energy company the solar panels will be able to provide power to the home. In the event of a power outage, a person will have the security to know that their home will still be able to use and to produce energy.

8 - Performance Guarantee

Solar panels come with a warranty that lasts for 20 to 25 years. If there is a problem they will be fixed at this time with no additional cost to the homeowner. If there is a problem with electric lines the homeowner may need to pay out of pocket to have them fixed. The solar panel will still work at 80 percent of its performance at 25 years so they will still be able to produce energy.

9 - Help With Independence

The United States relies on crude oil and petroleum from other countries to handle energy consumption. Solar panels reduce the need to import these items and will allow the United States to support its own economy.

10 - Power Everything

Solar panels can powder just about everything in the home. In addition to appliances, solar panels can help heat pools, power hot water heaters, and anything else that is plugged into the property.

These are some of the advantages of solar power. A person will see in a short period of time that the benefits of solar power outweigh the initial cost.