Join the Cause: As Mexico City digs Out of the Rubble, Earth Guardians Unite for Recovery

Join 48 hours of streaming donations! As the dust slowly settles from the recent Earthquake, Mexico City Earth Guardians band together and need our support. Please find a timely invitation to join the Global Earth Guardians community and Mexico City as they literally dig out from the rubble.

Dear Friends,

Many of our Earth Guardian Crew members and family were impacted by the devastating Earthquake that hit Mexico City yesterday. They are really needing our support.

There are children buried in a school that they are digging out, and over 200 people have already lost their lives. Teams continue to dig people out from under the rubble, in some cases recovering survivors who have stayed alive for nearly a day since the Earthquake hit.

Our Earth Guardian Mexico Regional Director, Teo Martinez, is there on the ground with his Crew helping people in need. He has reached out for our support.

Earth Guardians headquarters will be dedicating 100 percent of all donations received through Earth Guardians PayPal for the next 48 hours to their aid.

Teo Martinez will be dispersing the funds to families in need. Please show your support by making a donation at the Earth Guardian PayPal link- and in the comment field write Mexico City.

Many of us live with a great amount of privilege giving us the responsibility to help those who are less fortunate than us, especially in a time of crisis. Prayers out to everyone suffering from climate extremes and natural disasters.

Thank you for your support!


Youth Director

Earth Guardians

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In times of crisis, let's help each other... Thanks Earth Guardians for doing this...



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