It does not matter what your view of climate change is, be it man made, nonexistent or natural.....we are talking about gambling with the only biosphere we have to exist in, and the gamble is not only our own lives, but the lives of all future life on earth, in order to make some short term profits and have what might be short term comforts.

To me and I'm not convinced totally on the science, but the cost of loosing the gamble that doing nothing will cause things to turn out ok is far too higher cost for anyone to consider......and in not trying as hard as we possibly can to fix climate change if we can, is not just our decision since will impact all future generations.

I see it as do nothing but argue and carry on as we have done and maybe getting away with it or destroy all life on the planet eventually........Or implement the toughest world wide global warming restrictions we possible can which may impact a few company bottom lines and give us some short term pain for a chance to sustain life on earth, I know which I choose!