Get Lost With the World's Master Maze Maker

For many of us, mazes represent a mysterious unknown, an enigmatic and entertaining puzzle of mythic proportions, and Englishman Adrian Fisher is the world's preeminent maze designer.

Over the years, this master of deception has designed over 700 mazes in 40 countries and knows exactly how to twist, turn and disorient you. However, like all skillful mystery-makers, Fisher's greatest talent in maze-making is knowing how to perfectly blend the intrigue of exploration with the satisfaction that comes from finding your way.

As a maze designer Adrian Fisher is a genius in understanding networks which includes complex 2D or 3D maps for transport from metro, railway, bus to theme parks and general flow of people. He transforms the complicated into simple illustrations with clearly expressed information for visitors of any nationality to understand. Thirty six years since he started, Adrian Fisher and his team continue to delight clients with their unique and beautiful creations spread across the globe. With a great pedigree of quality and exceptionally high standards our accolades include setting seven world records and winning several gold medals.

Adrian Fisher is internationally renowned as the world's leading maze designer.

Over the past 35 years he has created over 600 mazes in more than 30 countries, setting six world records and winning two gold medals for garden design in the process.

Adrian's imaginative and innovative designs are created in the landscape or indoor environments. They are visually artistic, entertaining, playful, and highly newsworthy to the delight of his clients, who enjoy their promotional benefits.

Adrian's work can be seen at the world's finest historic buildings and private gardens including Alnwick Castle, Blenheim Palace, Capel Manor, Longleat House and Speke Hall, with the National Trust amongst his prestigious client list. He has also created rides and puzzles for iconic visitor attractions across the globe including Legoland, Tussauds and the London Dungeon.

Each installation is uniquely relevant to its owners, reflecting how they welcome and entertain their guests. Towers, grottoes and tunnels feature within mazes made of hedges, paving, mirrors, water and tiles. His team of garden designers and craftsmen takes projects from creative concept to detailed design, supply and installation worldwide.

Named by The Guardian newspaper in 2007 as one of Britain's top 50 designers, Adrian is also prominent in the field of public art. He devised a new Bus Map concept for London Transport, invented the Mitre Tiling system and the 7-sided Fisher Paver system, and applied his holistic approach to the future development of Stamford - an English market town with over 500 historic buildings.

Adrian's puzzles regularly appear in newspapers and magazines around the world. His 'Navigati' puzzle appears every day in Britain's Daily Mail, and 'Mandali' features in the BBC's weekly magazine, the Radio Times.

Adrian runs the business with his wife Marie from their estate and studios in the beautiful Dorset countryside. Within the grounds he has built a traditional hedge maze containing a wondrous castellated folly, making full use of the local flint, oak and artisan craftsmen - along with the spectacular views across the Stour Valley.